2019 Exhibits

Armando Bogarin Installation

Armando Bogarin - Visiting Artist: Installation Art

Date: Tue 08/27/19 10:00AM - Sat 10/05/19 4:00PM
Location: Main Level, South Gallery

Armando Bogarin will be the Mulvane Art Museum's Visiting Artist this Fall. He comes to us from Paraguay through the state's Kansas Paraguay Partnership program. Bogarin has exhibited his work in many countries around the world. Here he will be creating an art installation in the main floor south gallery beginning August 27th.
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Takamori, Akio, Sitting Monkey, lithograph, 2011, MAM permanent collection

100 minus 5: Variations in the Art of Printmaking

Date: Fri 07/05/19 10:00AM - Wed 12/11/19 5:00PM
Location: 2nd Level North Gallery

The count-down to the 100th anniversary of the Mulvane Art Museum has begun. Leading up to the 100-year celebration in 2024, the Mulvane will highlight the art collection through changing annual exhibitions titled 100 minus. These exhibitions honor the artists, the art and those who have supported the Mulvane Art Museum over the course of a century.
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The Other Side of Silence

Date: Mon 05/06/19 8:00AM - Sat 05/18/19 4:00PM
Location: Entrance Level : Adeline Peers Galleries

An exhibition of artworks and response labels created by Washburn University Students. Presented in conjunction with WU-Mester: Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Expression.
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Brave New World

Novel Art - Narrative Paintings by Michael Young and Ian Young

Date: Fri 05/24/19 8:00AM - Sat 10/12/19 4:00PM
Location: Main Level : Adeline Peers Galleries

This exhibition features twenty-two paintings from the private collection of Kansas City collector Fred Whitehead. Michael Young and Ian Young, father and son, each created paintings based on famous literary works 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, respectively.
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Rita Blitt, Mixed Media, MAM permanent Collection

Expressions of Freedom: Selected Works by Rita Blitt

Date: Tue 04/30/19 10:00AM - Fri 08/02/19 5:00PM
Location: Rita Blitt Gallery

Expressions of Freedom is an exhibition of drawings, collages, paintings, and mixed media works expressing the beauty of line and form. The art will be on exhibit through August 2nd, 2019 in the Rita Blitt Gallery. The exhibition is curated from the Mulvane Art Museum's Rita Blitt Legacy Collection and presented in conjunction with Washburn Universit...
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David Johnson, Catskill Mountains, 1848, oil on panel, MAM permanent collection

Endangered Art: A Reprise

Date: Fri 07/05/19 10:00AM - Sat 01/04/20 4:00PM
Location: 2nd Level South Gallery

Endangered Art: A Reprise features artworks not included in the premiere exhibition (Endangered Art 2018), that require conservation. Further, the exhibition demonstrates the dramatic transformation of our recently conserved paintings, incorporating behind the scenes documentation of the conservation process, and presenting new research.
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Jason Hanna, self portrait as David and Goliath

2019 Washburn Student Art Exhibition

Date: Fri 04/05/19 10:00AM - Sat 05/11/19 4:00PM
Location: 2nd Level : Joanne E. Harrison Gallery & Maxine J. Anton North Gallery

The 2019 Washburn University Student Art Exhibition is a juried show that is an opportunity for the public to experience the remarkable creativity, skill and intellect of Washburn art students. Please join us for the Opening Reception on April 5th, from 5 to 7 pm. Opening remarks will begin at 6pm. The image shown to the left: Jason Hanna (Washburn Art...
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Unpacking Chinese Apartment Art installation

Unpacking Chinese Apartment Art

Date: Fri 04/05/19 8:00AM - Sat 08/10/19 4:00PM
Location: Entrance Level : Adeline Peers Galleries

In the last three decades of the twentieth century, the creation and exhibition of contemporary art was limited or even outlawed by the Chinese central government. Lacking institutional support and vulnerable to police raids, Chinese avant-garde artists sought alternative spaces and media to share their work with a small yet burgeoning contemporary art wo...
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2018 Exhibits

shifting perspectives artwork, acrylic on plexiglass

Shifting Perspectives

Date: Wed 11/21/18 10:00AM - Sat 04/06/19 5:00PM
Location: 2nd Floor South Gallery

Shifting Perspectives is an exhibition of art and material culture from the Mulvane Art Museum’s permanent collection, ranging from the 17th century to the present. Objects on display include sword guards, woodcut prints, ceramics, and paintings, which individually and collectively relate experiences of communication, exchange, and appropriation bet...
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patricia sannit sculpture

Patricia Sannit

Date: Fri 11/02/18 8:00AM - Tue 01/01/19 5:00PM
Location: 1st Floor South Gallery

An installation of ceramic sculptures by Patricia Sannit exploring a collective notion of time, human endurance,and the indexicality of human behavior.

The land was broken, and home was the flat frontier

Date: Fri 09/07/18 8:00AM - Sat 11/03/18 5:00PM

An exhibition of prints and paintings from the Mulvane Art Museum's permanent collection depicting the landscape, settlement, and lives of people inhabiting the Southern plains, specifically Kansas. The land was broken is presented in conjunction with Washburn University's 2018 iREAD selection The Worst Hard Time written by Timothy Egan.

Painting for Peters/Waterman-Peters: Full Circle

Peters/Waterman-Peters: Full Circle

Date: Fri 08/31/18 8:00AM - Sat 12/15/18 5:00PM

An exhibition of recent works by Topeka artists Barbara Waterman-Peters and Larry Peters. Both of the artists have come full circle as they discover and rediscover old themes in their respective mediums. The paintings of Barbara Waterman-Peters and ceramic vessels of Larry Peters harness the power of their medium and reintroduces us to the mysteries and ...

Conversations with the Mulvane Collection

Date: Tue 08/28/18 8:00AM - Sat 11/10/18 5:00PM

Mulvane Art Museum full-time staff have each selected two artworks from the permanent collection. The drawings, paintings, and sculpture are presented in conjunction with a brief text on the history, artist, context and curatorial response.


Flatlander—Belonging to the Land

Date: Fri 07/27/18 8:00AM - Fri 03/08/19 5:00PM

Featuring prints and an installation by John Hitchcock, the exhibition explores the intersection between cultures through the land, language, and the visual symbols of the Great Plains-the epicenter for Plains tribal culture. Hitchcock draws from his experiences growing up on native land that sits adjacent to Fort Sills in Oklahoma. He utilizes drawing an...

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