Buller Tree

Invitations to Listen: Rachel Epp Buller

Location: MAM, Main Level

Invitations to Listen, a contemplation of Washburn University’s 2023 WUmester theme of health and healing, features work that artist Rachel Epp Buller created in response to her daily walks during a residency in Alberta, Canada.
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Ruben Castillo detail

Washburn Art Students Exhibition

Location: ArtsConnect (gallery)

Annual juried exhibition featuring works by art students at Washburn University.
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Published : Wed 01/18/23 Updated : Wed 01/18/23
Layton drawing

The Art of Healing

Location: Mabee Library

This WUmester exhibition presented at Mabee Library features the works of Elizabeth Layton and Robert Ault. They each explore the healing power of art through their drawings.
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Dancing Waters

Date: Tue 04/04/23 12:00AM - Sat 06/03/23 12:00AM
Location: Rita Blitt Gallery

An exhibition of artworks from the Rita Blitt Legacy Collection and the Mulvane Art Museum's permanent collection that explore and celebrate the meaning of water.
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rita blitt


Date: Fri 11/10/23 12:00AM - Wed 05/01/24 12:00AM
Location: Rita Blitt Gallery

This exhibition challenges the way you perceive the relationship between color and space.
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Gillette painting of boats in harbor

Lyric in Landscape

Location: Main Level, South Gallery

An exhibition featuring seven oil paintings from the Mulvane Art Museum's permanent collection that exemplify American landscape painting at the turn of the century.
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Turnley Photograph

Refugees: 1986 to 2006 Photographs of Peter Turnley

Location: Main Level, North and Center Galleries

Photographs by award-winning American photojournalist Peter Turnley depicting refugees from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, Checknya, and Kosovo.
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Auntie Em's Elephant book cover

Ruth Fisher

Date: Wed 11/02/22 12:00AM - Sun 01/15/23 12:00AM

At first glance, Ruth Fisher’s work delights: the colorful paintings, the whimsical hand-lettered, hand-pressed books that are marvels of invention in their design, their layout, their binding. The intricacies of craft, the labor of multiple pressings for color, the hand-stitched bindings, the resourceful gathering of materials—wallpaper, Styr...
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Salvidor Dali

Renovatio: Artists & Antiquity

Date: Tue 01/19/21 12:00AM - Fri 05/14/21 12:00AM
Location: Main Floor, North Gallery

Featuring a selection of works from the early modern era to the present day, this exhibition demonstrates the various ways artists represented in the Mulvane Art Museum’s permanent collection engaged with antique art and architecture.
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Published : Fri 01/15/21

Two Ponders Revisited

Date: Tue 01/19/21 12:00AM - Fri 05/07/21 12:00AM
Location: Main Floor, South Gallery

Two Ponders is a collaborative installation by author Dennis Etzel Jr. and artist Barbara Waterman-Peters.
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Helen Otterson

Sustainability | Social, Environmental, Economic

Date: Fri 02/05/21 12:00AM - Fri 12/31/21 12:00AM
Location: 2nd Floor, North & South Galleries

Oriented around three organizing themes of social, environmental, and economic, the exhibition features artworks that relate to the WUmester topic of sustainability.
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Iconic Black Women of the 21st Century

Date: Fri 06/11/21 12:00AM - Sat 08/28/21 12:00AM
Location: Main Level, Conference Room

This exhibition features photographs of five iconic black women who have served as cultural and civil rights leaders in the 20th and 21st century.
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Johnson spoons

Picture a Text

Date: Tue 09/07/21 12:00AM - Sat 12/18/21 12:00AM
Location: Mulvane Conference Room

In this exhibition, Brad Sneed and Stephen T. Johnson give us art with the purpose of “picturing a text.” Both have illustrated many books for children, helping that audience to experience, as Johnson writes, “the wonderment and pleasure that children have when they see the world differently.”
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Painting of Coretta Scott King by John Sebelius

Powerful Women

Date: Tue 09/28/21 12:00AM - Sat 12/11/21 12:00AM
Location: Main Level, South Gallery

An exhibition of five painted portraits by artist John Sebelius of "powerful women, juxtaposed with photographs of the same women by award-winning photojournalist Brian Lanker, taken in the 1980s.
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photographic image Aeronautic art thousands of feet in the air

Aeronautic Visual Art Program

Date: Fri 01/31/20 10:00AM - Sat 03/14/20 5:00PM
Location: Main Level: North Gallery

The Aeronautic Visual Art Program presents an interdisciplinary exploration of landscape. AVAP exists as an independent agency that generates original artwork and collects geographical data, situating the role of the artist as a researcher within academic institutions. Image: Aeronautic Art by Benjamin Wills.
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oil painting by George Soppelsa depicts a surreal beach scene


Date: Fri 02/07/20 10:00AM - Sat 03/21/20 5:00PM
Location: Main Level: South Gallery

Artists have favorite artists. They have mentors and artistic influences. Sometimes, as viewers we notice evidence of these factors on a canvas. Referential is an exhibition built from paintings in the Mulvane Art Museum’s permanent collection that showcase this phenomena. Image: Soppelsa, George, "First Stage", oil on canvas, 1983.
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julia pershall, self portrait with horse skull, oil on canvas

Washburn Art Students

Date: Thu 04/02/20 12:00AM - Mon 08/31/20 12:00AM

A juried virtual exhibition of Washburn art students.
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Rosa Parks, black and white photo by brian lankerMAM permanent collection

I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America

Date: Fri 02/14/20 10:00AM - Fri 12/25/20 5:00PM
Location: 2nd Level North and South Gallery

I Dream a World includes a collection of 75 photographs by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Brian Lanker accompanied by compelling interviews conducted by Lanker when the photos were taken. The project is a profound look at some of the most historically and socially influential women of the 20th century. Image: Rosa Parks, photograph, 1987.
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Art Fair 2020

Date: Sat 06/06/20 12:00AM - Mon 08/31/20 12:00AM

Join us in the virtual gallery of participating artists.
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Contours of the Mind

Date: Tue 08/11/20 12:00AM - Fri 12/04/20 12:00AM

An exhibition of self-portraits by artist, Robert Ault. The drawings, from the Mulvane's collection, illustrate Ault's self-published book, Drawing on the Contours of the Mind.
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Recent Acquisitions in Printmaking

Date: Tue 08/11/20 12:00AM - Fri 12/04/20 12:00AM
Location: Main Level

Recent Acquisitions in Printmaking features 18 prints donated to the Mulvane Art Museum by Lawrence art collectors Matthew and Judy Veatch.
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Hostile Terrain

Hostile Terrain 94

Date: Tue 08/11/20 12:00AM - Sat 11/07/20 12:00AM
Location: Main Level

An exhibition of more than 4000 toe tags representing the migrants who have died attempting to cross the Sonoran Desert of Arizona between the mid-1990s and 2020.
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Romare Bearden

iArt at the Mulvane Art Museum

Date: Tue 08/18/20 12:00AM - 11:55PM
Location: Main Level

An exhibition of five artworks (from the Museum collection) by black artists who examine and retell the cultural and historical narratives of African Americans through the lens of black experience.
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Steven Spencer, untitled, photograph

Gradient | 4 Photographers

Date: Thu 10/24/19 10:00AM - Fri 01/24/20 5:00PM
Location: Main Level

Artists Greg Booker, Michael Dickey, Steven Spencer, and Gwen Walstrand bear witness to time's 'relentless melt' and the ways in which the photograph can enlarge our world. They explore the cultural and social landscape, contributing to a dialogue that is shaped by the visual code of the photograph. Image: S. Spencer, untitled, detail.
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Rita Blitt Acryllic

To Kiss the Sun

Date: Fri 08/09/19 10:00AM - Sat 02/08/20 4:00PM
Location: Rita Blitt Gallery

This exhibition is curated from the Rita Blitt Legacy Collection by Stevie Haley Delgado, Irwin Blitt Student Fellow 2018-19.
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Armando Bogarin Installation

Armando Bogarin - Visiting Artist: Installation Art

Date: Tue 08/27/19 10:00AM - Sat 10/05/19 4:00PM
Location: Main Level, South Gallery

Armando Bogarin will be the Mulvane Art Museum's Visiting Artist this Fall. He comes to us from Paraguay through the state's Kansas Paraguay Partnership program. Bogarin has exhibited his work in many countries around the world. Here he will be creating an art installation in the main floor south gallery beginning August 27th.
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Takamori, Akio, Sitting Monkey, lithograph, 2011, MAM permanent collection

100 minus 5: Variations in the Art of Printmaking

Date: Fri 07/05/19 10:00AM - Wed 12/11/19 5:00PM
Location: 2nd Level North Gallery

The count-down to the 100th anniversary of the Mulvane Art Museum has begun. Leading up to the 100-year celebration in 2024, the Mulvane will highlight the art collection through changing annual exhibitions titled 100 minus. These exhibitions honor the artists, the art and those who have supported the Mulvane Art Museum over the course of a century.
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David Johnson, Catskill Mountains, 1848, oil on panel, MAM permanent collection

Endangered Art: A Reprise

Date: Fri 07/05/19 10:00AM - Sat 01/04/20 4:00PM
Location: 2nd Level South Gallery

Endangered Art: A Reprise features artworks not included in the premiere exhibition (Endangered Art 2018), that require conservation. Further, the exhibition demonstrates the dramatic transformation of our recently conserved paintings, incorporating behind the scenes documentation of the conservation process, and presenting new research.
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Rita Blitt, Mixed Media, MAM permanent Collection

Expressions of Freedom: Selected Works by Rita Blitt

Date: Tue 04/30/19 10:00AM - Fri 08/02/19 5:00PM
Location: Rita Blitt Gallery

Expressions of Freedom is an exhibition of drawings, collages, paintings, and mixed media works expressing the beauty of line and form. The art will be on exhibit through August 2nd, 2019 in the Rita Blitt Gallery. The exhibition is curated from the Mulvane Art Museum's Rita Blitt Legacy Collection and presented in conjunction with Washburn Universit...
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The Other Side of Silence

Date: Mon 05/06/19 8:00AM - Sat 05/18/19 4:00PM
Location: Entrance Level : Adeline Peers Galleries

An exhibition of artworks and response labels created by Washburn University Students. Presented in conjunction with WU-Mester: Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Expression.
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Brave New World

Novel Art - Narrative Paintings by Michael Young and Ian Young

Date: Fri 05/24/19 8:00AM - Sat 10/12/19 4:00PM
Location: Main Level : Adeline Peers Galleries

This exhibition features twenty-two paintings from the private collection of Kansas City collector Fred Whitehead. Michael Young and Ian Young, father and son, each created paintings based on famous literary works 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, respectively.
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Jason Hanna, self portrait as David and Goliath

2019 Washburn Student Art Exhibition

Date: Fri 04/05/19 10:00AM - Sat 05/11/19 4:00PM
Location: 2nd Level : Joanne E. Harrison Gallery & Maxine J. Anton North Gallery

The 2019 Washburn University Student Art Exhibition is a juried show that is an opportunity for the public to experience the remarkable creativity, skill and intellect of Washburn art students. Please join us for the Opening Reception on April 5th, from 5 to 7 pm. Opening remarks will begin at 6pm. The image shown to the left: Jason Hanna (Washburn Art...
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Unpacking Chinese Apartment Art installation

Unpacking Chinese Apartment Art

Date: Fri 04/05/19 8:00AM - Sat 08/10/19 4:00PM
Location: Entrance Level : Adeline Peers Galleries

In the last three decades of the twentieth century, the creation and exhibition of contemporary art was limited or even outlawed by the Chinese central government. Lacking institutional support and vulnerable to police raids, Chinese avant-garde artists sought alternative spaces and media to share their work with a small yet burgeoning contemporary art wo...
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shifting perspectives artwork, acrylic on plexiglass

Shifting Perspectives

Date: Wed 11/21/18 10:00AM - Sat 04/06/19 5:00PM
Location: 2nd Floor South Gallery

Shifting Perspectives is an exhibition of art and material culture from the Mulvane Art Museum’s permanent collection, ranging from the 17th century to the present. Objects on display include sword guards, woodcut prints, ceramics, and paintings, which individually and collectively relate experiences of communication, exchange, and appropriation bet...
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patricia sannit sculpture

Patricia Sannit

Date: Fri 11/02/18 8:00AM - Tue 01/01/19 5:00PM
Location: 1st Floor South Gallery

An installation of ceramic sculptures by Patricia Sannit exploring a collective notion of time, human endurance,and the indexicality of human behavior.

The land was broken, and home was the flat frontier

Date: Fri 09/07/18 8:00AM - Sat 11/03/18 5:00PM

An exhibition of prints and paintings from the Mulvane Art Museum's permanent collection depicting the landscape, settlement, and lives of people inhabiting the Southern plains, specifically Kansas. The land was broken is presented in conjunction with Washburn University's 2018 iREAD selection The Worst Hard Time written by Timothy Egan.

Painting for Peters/Waterman-Peters: Full Circle

Peters/Waterman-Peters: Full Circle

Date: Fri 08/31/18 8:00AM - Sat 12/15/18 5:00PM

An exhibition of recent works by Topeka artists Barbara Waterman-Peters and Larry Peters. Both of the artists have come full circle as they discover and rediscover old themes in their respective mediums. The paintings of Barbara Waterman-Peters and ceramic vessels of Larry Peters harness the power of their medium and reintroduces us to the mysteries and ...

Conversations with the Mulvane Collection

Date: Tue 08/28/18 8:00AM - Sat 11/10/18 5:00PM

Mulvane Art Museum full-time staff have each selected two artworks from the permanent collection. The drawings, paintings, and sculpture are presented in conjunction with a brief text on the history, artist, context and curatorial response.


Flatlander—Belonging to the Land

Date: Fri 07/27/18 8:00AM - Fri 03/08/19 5:00PM

Featuring prints and an installation by John Hitchcock, the exhibition explores the intersection between cultures through the land, language, and the visual symbols of the Great Plains-the epicenter for Plains tribal culture. Hitchcock draws from his experiences growing up on native land that sits adjacent to Fort Sills in Oklahoma. He utilizes drawing an...

David Quick ‎: An Artist's Journey

Date: Wed 05/23/18 10:00AM - Sat 08/11/18 4:00PM

An exhibition of David Quick’s paintings inspired by his interaction with art, the world, and his cats.
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preserving petroglyphs event photo

Preserving Petroglyphs: Rock Art Casts from Ellsworth County, Kansas

Date: Wed 05/02/18 8:00AM - Fri 08/10/18 5:00PM

In 2007 and 2008, Thomas Witty, an archaeologist and colleague of Jelinek, donated the casts to the Mulvane Art Museum.
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Reflections on Freedoms Journey

Date: Tue 05/01/18 8:00AM - Wed 08/15/18 5:00PM

An exhibition of Washburn University students’ photographs, writings, and video Washburn Transformational Experience Travel Course - Exploring Civil Rights.
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Washburn Student Art Exhibition - 2018

Date: Fri 04/06/18 10:00AM - Sat 05/12/18 4:00PM

The Mulvane Art Museum's annual Washburn Student Art Exhibition presents an opportunity for students to apply to exhibit their work in a juried museum show.
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8 studio practices | Art faculty beyond the classroom

Date: Tue 01/16/18 10:00AM - Sat 07/28/18 4:00PM

Mulvane Art Museum features recent works created by eight Washburn University Art Department faculty members.
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Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate

Date: Tue 09/12/17 10:00AM - Sun 12/24/17 5:00PM
Reception: Thursday, October 12th from 7:00- 9:00 pm

A group of 39 diverse artists came together and used the anti-Semitic and racist books to create uplifting and dynamic works of art.
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Detention Nation

Date: Fri 09/22/17 10:00AM - Sat 01/06/18 4:00PM
Reception: Thursday, October 12th from 7:00- 9:00 pm

The Texas/Mexico art collective Sin Huellas has created a thought provoking installation entitled, Detention Nation.
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Transcendental Train Yard

Date: Tue 08/08/17 10:00AM - Sat 01/13/18 4:00PM
Reception: Thursday, October 12th from 7:00-9:00 pm

This exhibition features serigraphs that incorporate image and poetry. Artist Marta Sánchez and poet Norma Elia Cantú worked collaboratively to create a collection of images and words that poignantly provide a glimpse into the role that the railroad and the carpas (itinerant vaudeville troupes) played in the Mexican American community. Check out...
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Two Strangers Meet in a Parking Lot

Date: Mon 05/22/17 9:00AM - Sat 09/02/17 5:00PM
Reception: Friday, June 2nd 5:30pm - 7:30pm

We have all been strangers at some point and experienced the fear of meeting new people. "Two Strangers Meet in a Parking Lot" provides a wonderful opportunity to meet unfamiliar people in a familiar place, the parking lot west of the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University. The two architectural structures are designed so two complete strange...
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2017 Washburn University Art Department Student Exhibition ‎

Date: Tue 02/14/17 10:00AM - Sat 04/01/17 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: March 3, 5:30 - 7:30pm

The exhibit features works in a variety of media including: painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design and mixed media.
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American Tapestry Biennial

Date: Fri 10/28/16 10:00AM - Fri 12/23/16 5:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: November 4, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

This juried exhibition features the very best of contemporary, hand-woven tapestry.
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American Dream

Date: Mon 09/19/16 10:00AM - Sat 01/28/17 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: September 30, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

While de-constructing and rewriting the American narrative, these artists examine our culture through the use of language, satire and irony.
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Dance of the line: Rita blitt In motion

Date: Tue 08/30/16 10:00AM - Fri 12/23/16 5:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: November 4, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

A sneak preview of the Rita Blitt collection and archive recently added to the Mulvane Art Museum collection.
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Estamos-aquí (We Are Here)

Date: Fri 07/08/16 10:00AM - Sat 08/13/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS

Estamos Aquí (We Are Here) is curated and organized by Brad Cushman, curator and gallery director at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
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Bud Holman: ‎retrospective

Date: Tue 07/19/16 10:00AM - Fri 12/23/16 5:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: September 30, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Born on a farm north of Topeka in 1926, Bud Holman first worked as a Regionalist. In 1954 he moved to New York and developed a highly abstracted landscape style.
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Zak Barnes: at Home in Bazaar

Date: Tue 07/12/16 10:00AM - Sat 10/01/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: July 15, 2016, 5:30 - 7:30pm

Zak Barnes fills his figure subjects with the people of Bazaar, KS, a small town near Cottonwood Falls, KS.
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Klassics for Kids

Date: Fri 05/27/16 10:00AM - Sat 10/01/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS

This exhibition of art from the 16th through the 20th centuries has depictions of brains, fantastic rooms, scary and imaginary animals, superheroes etc
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Freedom's Journey

Date: Fri 05/27/16 10:00AM - Sat 07/02/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: June 3, 5:30 - 7:30pm

This exhibition features photographs, videos, and reflections by students who participated in the Washburn University travel course: Exploring Civil Rights 2016.
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2016 Juried Ceramics Exhibition ‎

Date: Tue 03/15/16 10:00AM - Sat 05/14/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: Saturday, March 19, 2016, 2 - 5pm

The exhibition seeks to display a broad range of work being done in clay today, including both functional and non-functional items.
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Marydorsey Wanless Retrospective ‎

Date: Fri 03/18/16 10:00AM - Sat 07/02/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: April 1, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

From 1998 to 2015 Marydorsey Wanless was a professor of photography at Washburn University.
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Washburn Art Department Student Exhibit 2016 ‎

Date: Fri 02/05/16 10:00AM - Sat 03/05/16 4:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: Friday, February 5, 2016, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

The exhibit will feature works in a variety of media including: painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design and mixed media.
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Non-Objective Mulvane's ‎Permanent Collection

Date: Fri 01/22/16 10:00AM - Wed 03/09/16 5:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: March 5, 2016, 5:30 - 7:30pm

During the middle of the twentieth century many American artists created works that were Non-Objective, that is images in which no objects are visible.
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Hallowed Absurdities: Works by Theodore Waddell ‎

Date: Tue 01/12/16 10:00AM - Tue 03/22/16 7:00PM
Location: Mulvane Art Museum, 17th & Jewell Streets, Topeka, KS
Reception: February 5, 5:30-7:30pm

The exhibition will offer a variety of enigmatic objects that connect to Waddell's sense of self, place and history.
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