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The classical era marked an innovative period in human history whose effects have reverberated throughout the world for millennia. The people living in the Mediterranean region from around the 8th century BCE to the 5th century CE achieved new understandings in science, math, and medicine; formed representative government; and produced literature and art that still have global relevance today. The works in this exhibition explore how the echoes of classical antiquity have continued to be felt in visual cultures of the last few centuries. Some works draw inspiration from Greco-Roman mythology, some insert contemporary bodies into ancient scenarios and archetypes, and others visualize the past colliding with the present in surprising ways.

In collaboration with the museum and curatorial studies minor program, Echoes of the Classical World was curated by Dr. Anthony Silvestri's Fall 2022 ancient Greek history class. Students finalized the selection of objects from the Mulvane permanent collection, and then each chose one work to research and write an interpretive label for. They finished the semester by writing a research paper on a topic related to their chosen object. Below are a few highlights from the exhibition.

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