Roger Shimomura, "Yellow No Same #11", lithograph, detail, 1992, Mulvane Art Museum permanent collection


If education is the heart of the Mulvane Art Museum, exhibitions are its life-blood.  They challenge, inspire, open minds, ignite ideas, and speak to us about the human endeavor.  Every artist and every exhibition has a voice.  All we need do is make an effort to listen.


Echoes of the Classical World

Date: Wed 11/02/22 12:00AM - Sun 01/15/23 12:00AM
Location: Main Level, South Gallery

The classical era marked an innovative period in human history whose effects have reverberated throughout the world for millennia. The people living in the Mediterranean region from around the 8th century BCE to the 5th century CE achieved new understandings in science, math, and medicine; formed representative government; and produced literature and art ...
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Auntie Em's Elephant book cover

Ruth Fisher

Date: Wed 11/02/22 12:00AM - Sun 01/15/23 12:00AM

At first glance, Ruth Fisher’s work delights: the colorful paintings, the whimsical hand-lettered, hand-pressed books that are marvels of invention in their design, their layout, their binding. The intricacies of craft, the labor of multiple pressings for color, the hand-stitched bindings, the resourceful gathering of materials—wallpaper, Styr...
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