February 11, 2021
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM
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A Virtual Event


Dive into a little known language through an unlikely medium: flour and sugar! Kcymaerxthaere, a global installation art project, is presenting a language from a parallel world--and it's a language that can be made into edible art! Kcymaerxthaere is an alternate universe created by artist and geographer-at-large Eames Demetrios, which has its own stories, creatures, rules and laws of physics. Kcymaerxthaere is also the name of Demetrios’ storytelling art project. Demetrios will present a shape language from Kcymaerxthaere, while professional chef Steve Couch (aka Mr. Eat Right) crafts eloquent creations in sugar cookies, as well as homemade crackers for a special Valentine's Day charcuterie board recipe. It's a linguistic culinary adventure for those who love the art of language! This event is made possible by the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, the Spencer Museum of Art, the Mulvane Art Museum, and the Ulrich Museum of Art.To learn more about Eames Demetrios, click HERE.

To learn more about Kcymaerxthaere, visit https://kcymaerxthaere.com/about.

Watch Eames Demetrios’ TED talk HERE.

Questions? Contact Linda Duke at lduke@ksu.edu.